View Full Version : Print Exchange Rule Addition & Mailing Info

Andrew O'Neill
5-Dec-2004, 20:25

If some of you are doing alt process, please feel free to print smaller than 8x10. If you are working with 5x7, don't feel that you have to print on 8x10 paper. Just slightly larger than 5x7 is fine.


Send your 14 prints inside one of those heavy duty manila envelopes with the built in bubbles. I will relable these envelopes with your address and send back to you with everyones' prints. John suggested placing prints inside a ziplock bag. That sounds like good advice to me. Before sending your prints to me, be sure to place inside all info and story about negative and print...and money to send back to you! So far I've received 12 addresses... I'm now setting a deadline for addresses. Dec. 10th. If all address are not in by then, I will assume that you dropped out...you could email if you want to drop out...no one will hate you for it!!