View Full Version : Travel with Matted Prints?

30-Oct-2014, 19:02
I need some some sort of case or tote box to carry many 11x14 matted prints around -- something like a bankers box not too heavy and weather-resistant (so no cardboard boxes) and which does not ding the mats, and which has a lid so I can store other boxes on top of it
I'd appreciate suggestions.

C. D. Keth
30-Oct-2014, 21:56
There are hard board portfolio boxes made for just that purpose, or will one of those not work for some reason?

30-Oct-2014, 23:53
Pizza-boy delivery box? :)

31-Oct-2014, 04:26
Hard-board box + water-resistant cover, maybe? That's how wedding albums are transported here. They(albums) are a little larger than matted 11x14s.

Drew Wiley
31-Oct-2014, 08:22
Depends on how classy you want to look and what you can spend. You can get nice archival museum cases with handles if you'r interested in both protection and
a professional-looking presentation. Otherwise the are lots of lesser art store options. They generally offer carry cases made of corrugated styrene, with velco closing lids, which are water and ding resistant, but not so classy - more like what an art student would use, but reasonably functional.

31-Oct-2014, 10:19
I'm getting ready to order some of these: http://www.universityproducts.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=2317&primary=1&parentId=&navTree[]=2317 It's worth checking out University Products photography-related supplies at http://www.universityproducts.com/archival/apresfoto.html

Jim Andrada
31-Oct-2014, 10:43
Have you checked out Archival Methods? They have a good selection of cases, boxes, solanders, carry handles, etc.

My personal preference is for a solander but they aren't weatherproof.