View Full Version : Shooting LF in Dubai

Noah A
30-Oct-2014, 07:02
I know there are some old threads on this but they're a bit out of date. I'm thinking of taking a trip to Dubai to photograph the urban landscape. I'm wondering if anyone has experience shooting there with large format (or smaller formats with a tripod).

I'm not interested in street photography or portraits and I've photographed in the region before including Iraq, Egypt, etc. So I'm looking for specific information about dubai.

I'm wondering if I'll have any problems shooting in public areas, along roadsides, etc., with the 4x5. Since I like to shoot at dawn and dusk, the exposures will be long and as we all know you can't really sneak around with a view camera. I'm also wondering how easy or difficult it is to photograph from buildings. I know there are observation decks, rooftop bars, etc. And I'm wondering if it's possible to shoot from these places? Is it something I can arrange once I'm there or do I need to ask far in advance?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. And if there are any photographers on this forum based in Dubai, I'd love to meet up with you during my trip!

matthew blais
30-Oct-2014, 08:11
I have a facebook friend (which means I don't know him) who is an LF shooter in Dubai. He's bought some prints from me and another friend.
I'll PM you his name and maybe you can connect on FB