View Full Version : #7a Century Studio Camera - Eastman Kodak / F&S

29-Oct-2014, 18:30
I bought a couple lenses and a camera is coming along - a #7A Century Studio (and stand)

In looking around - I can find 9's and 4's and Masters along with the 7 and 7A

but what I can't find is any information as to what the numbers mean? size? model number (like Nikon F, F2, F3 etc)?

is there someplace to look that up?

it's an 8x10 with 5x7 and 4x5 backs


Jim Galli
29-Oct-2014, 20:17
I don't think you could put an 8X10 back on a 4a. The 7a is 8X10 single extension bellows 9a has a dual bed thing going on with 2 bellows so much longer extension. I only know this because before folks caught on, I bought a half a dozen of these beasts in order to get the lenses and then try to re-sell the camera.

Anyone else want a 7a with stand?? PM me. You'll have to pick it up in Tonopah Nevada though.