View Full Version : 11x14 color neg enlargment prints

5-Dec-2004, 01:41

I am trying to find out if anyone can make enlargment prints from 11x14 color negs.. not really interested in digital scans. I had an email from a man in Canada last year who said he could do it, but deleated the email. I am hoping for at least a 20x24 but would like even larger. If anyone has info please get in touch.

bob carnie
5-Dec-2004, 09:41
Hi Dino

I believe you were talking to me , I am putting my 11x14 deverre into operation shortly and would be able to make 20x24 prints for you from 11x14 colour neg

tor kviljo
6-Dec-2004, 02:44
Just a thought: Earlier, all Litho companies had static cameras, and I guess some of them have a Agfa repromaster or something still operating. These cameras are superb-stable inverted enlargers with light-box/diffused light on the bottom part with at least A2 size light area, enlarging to upper part at least A1 size. Being uset to make films from both reflected light originals and film originals, the cameras can also do enlargings on regular photo-paper. Usually, static cameras operate from +/- 300 % (size-change up/down) with lens selection accordingly (typically 105, 150 & 240/270mm G-Clarons or similar). You might check if any neigbourhood Litho-comany have equipment to upsize Your 11x14 color neg's to A1 positives.

8-Dec-2004, 03:17
Hey Dino,
where did toy buy the 11x14 color negatives?