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Andrew O'Neill
4-Dec-2004, 13:36
Hi everyone participating in the Print Exchange! So far I've received five mailing addresses from:

Kirk Keyes

Jim Rhoades

David Goldfart

Scott Whitford

Deniz Merdanogullari

Please get your mailing address in to me asap.

Also, I would like a consensus on how you feel about me acting as a "clearing house". This idea was suggested by a participant, John Gerndt. You mail your 14 prints to me with a cheque for "about" 5 dollars. I will then repackage all the prints and send out to each participant. You would have to make sure that your write up is included. Just send one write up and I'll copy it at school's office. If there is any money left over, I will keep it in a pot for the next print exchange. How does everyone feel about doing it this way?

Cheers to all!


Jeff Moore
4-Dec-2004, 14:18
I am not participating in this print exchange, but I might offer a suggestion on the postage and handling issue which worked well in several print exchanges I did participate in on another forum.

We usually had 15 participants. Each participant made 14 prints and placed them in a FedEx "small" box, which will handle up to 8.5 x 11 size prints. This FedEx package is pre-paid and addressed back to yourself. This "small" box is then placed inside a FedEx "medium" box and sent to the person acting as a clearing house. This person simply places one copy of each of the different prints in each of the pre-paid "small" FedEx boxes and drops them off at a local FedEx or Kinko's for shipment. Done.

This worked well for us, and created the least amount of work possible for the clearing house person.

Good luck, and hopefully I can get in on the next one.

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
4-Dec-2004, 14:21
Ooooops! A little spelling error I guess...

Ole Tjugen
4-Dec-2004, 15:50
Andy, you should have received mine?

4-Dec-2004, 17:14
I like both ideas fine.. I would rather personally take my prints to and pick them up from Andy's house since he lives 30mins away.
btw i am done my prints, they are drying now, will be ready for shipment tomorrow :)

8x10 contacts on AZO G3

Andrew O'Neill
4-Dec-2004, 17:42
Hi Deniz,

You're serious?? Finished already?? You can hand deliver to me...but wait until I'm done, too!

Andrew O'Neill
4-Dec-2004, 17:57
Hi Ole,

I got your address. Sorry about that!

Andrew O'Neill
4-Dec-2004, 18:16
Don Hutton,

I received your email with your mailing address. Thank you! My emails to you still bounce back to me, even if I use my other address.

4-Dec-2004, 20:16
damn this single weight paper curls up.. do you have a dry mount press Andrew that i can use ??

Andrew O'Neill
4-Dec-2004, 22:54
Yes Deniz, I have a drymount press. Pop by anytime to use it...but make sure you've got some of that Turkish coffee with ya first, though! I might print two negatives for this exchange. A 4x5 I shot in Japan and an 8x10 from again Japan, or from Canada since I've been back. You'll have to pop over ....decisions decisions!

Edward (Halifax,NS)
5-Dec-2004, 08:12
After looking at alot of your portfolios I am jealous. So far I only have two pictures that I would be willing to share that have been printed and one that I haven't gotten around to. I'll get there some day.

Note: I have only exposed less than a hundered sheets so far.

Darin Cozine
5-Dec-2004, 10:09
So we are sending all our prints to you and with a return package inside?
-I hope so, I like this format much better. Another advantage of this format, is that you can have more participants than the number of prints made. For example, if you had 20 paricipants that each made 15 prints. then you just shuffle them up so that each person is getting 15 different prints. And if 20 people sign up, and only 16 submit prints, it's ok cause everyone will still get 15 different prints.



Kirk Keyes
7-Dec-2004, 10:36
Andrew, is $5 going to be enough, considering shippment will be international for most of us? And do you have a paypal account we can send to so you don't have to hassle with the bank getting foriegn currency exchanged?

Kirk www.keyesphoto.com