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karl french
25-Oct-2014, 12:02
Just picked up a Morito 7x11 camera. It's a Japanese copy of an Eastman No.2 7x11. (You may have seen it on Ebay recently.) It's so beautiful. The only camera I've had that equals the quality of construction of my old Gandolfi.

A little slice of San Francisco photography history. I live right around the corner from the location of the original owner's studio.

There seems to be zero information on Morito cameras on the net. Does anyone know anything other than they made a variety of cameras in the 1920s?


Oren Grad
25-Oct-2014, 12:07
Very cool - I'd never heard of this one before.

The lensboard is a bit odd - apart from the unusual curved ends, it doesn't look as though it could serve as a sliding lensboard in the same way as the original sliding boards for the Eastman.

karl french
25-Oct-2014, 12:14
It slides back and for just like the Eastman does. Really, the only functional difference between the Morito and the Eastman is that the Morito does not have the hardware for a rear extension track. Though it does have 19" of possible bellows extension.

And, it only weighs 12.5 pounds. I suspect largely because it doesn't have the oversized rear standard base of the Eastman No. 2.

Tracy Storer
25-Oct-2014, 12:28
Very cool, I did see it on Ebay. Congrats. I suspect you'll have some fun with it.

Oren Grad
25-Oct-2014, 12:52
It slides back and for just like the Eastman does.

What I was thinking is that unlike the Eastman 7x11 boards, which are oversized and extend well beyond the edges of the front standard, this one looks as though it would expose the inside of the camera if you moved it off-center.

Roger Thoms
25-Oct-2014, 17:13
Karl, very nice, didn't I see this on Craig's list here in San Francisco?


karl french
25-Oct-2014, 17:51
Yes indeed. I was tempted when it was on eBay, but when I saw the craigslist post and saw the camera in person I couldn't resist.

Roger, it would be very interesting to have the Morito and your 2D side by side.

Roger Thoms
26-Oct-2014, 17:21
Karl, I'd be up for a meetup, and we can compare cameras. I'd definitely like to see your Morito and Co. 7x11. Keep in mind that my 2D is an 8x10 so it wouldn't be a direct comparison. I also have 5x7 and WP 2D's and have been keeping an eye out for a 7x11. I also have a Japanese Charten 5x7 field camera that Richard Ritter restored that you might enjoy seeing.


karl french
26-Oct-2014, 18:18
Great. It does seem like it shares some of the hardware with the Eastman No. 2, in addition having a fair bit of unique hardware.