View Full Version : Dallmeyer Wide-Angle ( Panoramic) Landscape

Steven Tribe
25-Oct-2014, 04:41
This is a landscape meniscus type, made in small numbers between 1885 and around 1892. I have (soon) the size 5a which is an 18" meniscus. It is the type with rotary stops in front and, if it follows the usual design for Dallmeyer, the whole front section can be screwed off.

Can anyone confirm this is the case?

My attachment is experimental, so forgive me if it doesn't work!


Emil Schildt
25-Oct-2014, 07:44
I have nr4 and yes - the front can be unscrewed. However, in mine there is an extra larger aperture under the visible one - this can also be removed (I think) but when I use mine, I just unscrew the bottom section and fit it in a shutter - that way I get the full effect of softness...

Emil Schildt
25-Oct-2014, 08:09
One just sold on the site... with instructive images..


Steven Tribe
25-Oct-2014, 08:30
Well I certainly didn't see that one. Quite a nice price for something that covers at least 12x15"

I didn't realise that these were made so early.

The 5a also appears to have the internal larger aperture as the image through the lens indicates.

Emil Schildt
25-Oct-2014, 08:36
and it went fast.... I saw it - put it in my favourite list - and when I went there a couple of minutes later it was gone.. (wanted it...)

Steven Tribe
29-Oct-2014, 04:52
A comparison of the new 5a with the old 2 - which I had almost forgotten I had!

Construction is exactly the same and the fixed aperture stop (F13 for the 5a) is not designed to be removed without violence.