View Full Version : Diafine Chemical Analysis at University

Mustafa Umut Sarac
24-Oct-2014, 21:24
One of my APUG friend helped to me to buy one of the last internet Diafine trades.

I will to bring it to university lab to analysis than to other one to check the results.

Once Photo Engineer told about difficulties , masking , fogging nature of some chemicals in some analysis of another chemicals..

Would Diafine Analysis be easy with pointing a spectrometer on it or would sensor blind to some chemicals ? Is it easy to identify everything with signuture library or would there be needed wet tests.

What is your experience or thoughts ?

Mustafa Umut Sarac

Donald Qualls
25-Oct-2014, 11:27
I've seen formulae online for "diafine-like" two-bath developers. Seems to me there's been a good consensus that it's a P-Q speed increasing formula with neutral or very slightly acidic Bath A (to prevent development in that bath) and Bath B containing only preservative and accelerator (sodium sulfite and, probably, Kodalk or sodium carbonate equivalent). I'm sure I've seen that you can make your own Bath B with sodium carbonate and sodium sulfite, and nothing else, and get nearly identical results.

It might be more accurate to microscopically separate (by color and shape) the granules of the Bath A powder before analysis, but I don't know enough about organic analysis methods to say if it'd be possible to accurately analyze either the dry mixture or the solution.

25-Oct-2014, 16:34
Write the company, and ask them what's in it. (Maybe you just need to read the label.)