View Full Version : Carl Zeiss Jena Triplet 50cm f4.8 Fliegertruppe WWI 1919 aerial lens.

22-Oct-2014, 12:39
Just picked this up fairly cheap. Under $200.00 was wondering if anyone has shot this lens. Probably designed for 10x10 but seems to throw about a 13 inch circle on the wall so should easily cover 11x14 portraits. I am going to use it as an occasional alternative to the Dallmeyer 5d on the 11x14. anyone have any shot examples? Hoping it has similar qualities to the tessar lenses. here it is net to a similar spec. 1885 Voigtlander portrait euryscop series III 7a thanks.



22-Oct-2014, 12:53
The closest I've shot with is a Wollensak Varium, an F3.5 triplet. What I've found is after about F4.5, "Cooke" triplets are sharp, and have excellent bokeh. My Varium is a 16", it covers a fair amount. Look up Cooke triplets, around F4.5 in the Vade Mecum, to get the angle of coverage. Then you should be able to do the math to figure out what it will cover. But I guess since you have it, it's easier to just hold it up to a wall like you did!

Alessandro Bocchi
10-Nov-2014, 15:16
Yesterday i got not one but two of that lens. I will try soon And let you know.


16-Nov-2014, 09:01
Yesterday i got not one but two of that lens. I will try soon And let you know.

124903 wow two. thanks for checking in. thanks Garrett I'll check the VM on Cooke triplets.

19-Nov-2014, 09:23
got one too

came with an Ilexpo shutter that was bad and so I sold it off for parts/repair

was gonna stick it on my 8x10..but I recently sold that..so

now it's a paper weight until I sell it off for something else interesting

it would be cool to see some images formed with one of these though


20-Nov-2014, 21:28
Rigged the Zeiss WWI aerial lens onto a 9x9 inch lens board and surprisingly it almost covers the 11x14 glass at infinity. Sharp with a little vignetting on the corners. It will easily cover for full body portraits. Good purchase. IMO

Miguel Coquis
29-Aug-2015, 13:24
Any pics taken with ?

30-Aug-2015, 12:49
Any pics taken with ?
...:) Yes I did a few 11x14 WPC shots with it. heres about an 8x10 crop of an 11x14 nude. has a sort of soft look wide open. 139042

Miguel Coquis
7-Sep-2015, 06:46
Nice texture !
(sorry, what means WPC ?)
Could have been interesting to have a view of an entire neg. especially a 11x14 (not necessarily the nude one...) !!!
I will be trying a 700mm f:5 version on 14x17" once I put a hand on it !

Louis Pacilla
7-Sep-2015, 06:56
(sorry, what means WPC ?)

Wet Plate Collodion

7-Sep-2015, 11:13
never mind... old thread :)