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22-Oct-2014, 10:17
I just took delivery of an "Eastman View No. 2 Improved Model of Century View and Empire State". My brother in-law picked it up at a barn auction in Northern Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago for under $50. Rear rail, sliding tripod block and a 5x7 reducing back were all included. This looks like the 1916 model except the bellows are red, not black fabric and look to be original, a bit dull and very dusty but surprisingly supple. A quick check last night show them to be light tight as well. A little nervous about taking it to full extension but I figure I'll have to sooner or later.

Can anyone familiar with the model tell me if the red bellow are leather? The look like they may be a goat or pig split skin of some kind. It's hard to tell and the only smell is dust. It will make a difference as to how I clean and treat them.

Also, the 8x10 back was not included. If anyone has a spare back taking up space that will fit please let me know.


Tin Can
22-Oct-2014, 10:21
Maybe leather. don't pull them all the way out, unless you need to and you only need to with very long lenses or macro.

Great find.

Show us the dust!

22-Oct-2014, 10:52
Here's a couple quick cell phone pics. 123704123705123706123707

Tin Can
22-Oct-2014, 11:36
Look at this thread, before you buy a back.

22-Oct-2014, 13:20

I have the 5x7 version of your camera. Many of the Kodak 2D series parts are interchangeable with the Eastman View No.2.

If you find a Kodak 2D 8X10 back, it will fit your camera. Same as the lens boards. The tracks, on my Eastman are not the same as the Kodak 2D.

The red bellows are most likely original. My 8X10 Kodak 2D has red colored bellows. It has small pinholes when fully extended. When fully extended, it is just a PIA to focus, as my arms are too short to focus while looking at the image in the GG.

22-Oct-2014, 14:20
Thanks joselsgil and Randy. Good stuff, I'll keep that in mind.