View Full Version : Graflex/Wollensak Speed-O-Scope Shutter

2-Dec-2004, 19:43
I recently purchased a Graflex/Wollensak Speed-O-Scope Shutter. Can anyone please tell me exactly how and what this unit is used for? It looks to be complete to me. Any help would be great.

Ernest Purdum
2-Dec-2004, 20:45
These were not used for a photographic purpose but were a training device. An image or a word was flashed and the user asked to identify it. One use was training potential gunners to recognize aircraft types. (Shoot the bad guys, not the good guys.).

Dean Lastoria
3-Dec-2004, 00:41
I picked one of those up myself thinking it would make an auxiliary shutter. I have it on my desk at work and click it from time to time for transportation to my happy place -- now I know that it is military I'd better take it home!

Anyhow mine has a school district engraved on it. I can't really imagine a school district using it for that. It must have had some other purpose as well? Plus it has "T" and an aperture?


Dan Fromm
3-Dec-2004, 05:01
They were used in tachistoscopes, for teaching speed reading.