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17-Oct-2014, 20:10
Hello all! I just recently started processing RA-4, using trays. I tried room temperature but it was dismal. My expired chemicals (they were free) need to stay right at that 35*C mark. I've tried floating the tray in warm water but the temperature falls and the color shifts. Any RA-4 temp control tips out there?

18-Oct-2014, 05:42
Keeping in mind a nearly 0 budget

18-Oct-2014, 11:09
It's been years for me, but print drums and a roller base always worked for for me. Fresh chemistry and a few dollars for a base and drums and you should be good to go. or try floating the trays in a tempering bath like you were thinking.

18-Oct-2014, 11:13
If you used expired chemicals, it will be dismal at any temperature.

If you are going to use trays, you can do it at room temperature, say 68-75F using Kodak RA/RT Developer/Replenisher for two minutes with excellent results. Some use it at higher temps but I wouldn't go much colder. Consistency is easier with room temps than the higher temps usually used.

But your nearly 0 budget make make this difficult.

18-Oct-2014, 11:35
I use a turkey roaster water bath for my chemical bottles. I develop a bit warmer (39C) with a Beseler roller and it works well enough for me. I printed this last night with it.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3956/15377260088_5640b8c49f.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/pqQtFW)
DR2 (https://flic.kr/p/pqQtFW) by smeitner300 (https://www.flickr.com/people/39186614@N00/), on Flickr

18-Oct-2014, 20:14
I use a turkey roaster water bath for my chemical bottles.

Has anyone tried putting their chemicals directly into an electric casserole dish? It is basically a heated tray. I'm pretty sure they can be had at Salvation Army or church stores for cheap.

18-Oct-2014, 20:16
That is a lovely print by the way StevenJohn. Is that Fuji Crystal Archive?

19-Oct-2014, 05:43
Yes it is Fuji Crystal Archive. Too bad Kodak is no longer selling paper in boxes. I liked their contrast better.
An electric casserole dish is pretty much what my turkey roaster is. Some don't control to low enough temperatures, but I found one for $20.

24-Oct-2014, 10:13
Beautiful print.

24-Oct-2014, 10:32
When I did some colour in trays, I put the process trays in other trays with warm water that was slightly higher temp, as you are doing. However, I was working in a smallish room, and used a baseboard heater to bring the ambient temp up to the low 80's F, and that way I was able to process at 85-90 F without a large temp shift in the chem trays.

Drew Wiley
24-Oct-2014, 16:29
An old Salton hot tray might work. I use them for keeping trays of dye transfer dyes warm. Just realize that none of these things is intended to be used in a sink.
Getting electrocuted during printing might not be quite the thrill you were seeking.