View Full Version : Half toning of Film Grain Mask with Digital Negative ??

Mustafa Umut Sarac
17-Oct-2014, 16:31
I thought a idea which I have no idea it was done before.

At half toning , you have two films , first photograph film and second is resolution screen. Resolution screen decomposes the photograph in to small dots.

I thought if we produce an homogenous grainy film , half tone the grain film while contact printing with/by digital negative ...

Than what happens , what would be the result?

Does it add grain perpendicular to digital negative ?

Mustafa Umut Sarac

Bill Burk
17-Oct-2014, 20:14
It might depend on the kind of digital negative...

If it's like the kind Bob Carnie makes, they are continuous tone so there won't be moire. If it's old-school imagesetter and litho-contrast film then you would have a dot pattern to contend with.

Michael Rosenberg
19-Oct-2014, 13:44
If you are making an inkjet digital negative using QTR (see my web site) it is far more complicated. Resolution is controlled at three points. The image (you can add grain, adjust grain by luminance, reduce noise, etc.), the printer (screening or weave pattern of the printer head), and the substrate of the negative material. Some materials add more grain than others. So if you have a high resolution/low grain image, but cose something like overhead transparency film as a substrate, the result would be uniform/homogenous grain in the mid and high tonalities because there is less ink in these ares.

Does this make sense?