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17-Oct-2014, 16:11
Which notch code is this? I seem to only find either plus-x or Tri-x 320...123439

17-Oct-2014, 16:21
320TXP surely.

17-Oct-2014, 16:27
The closest I could find is Kodak Royal-X Pan 4166 (Estar Thick Base)


17-Oct-2014, 16:56
according the a notch code reference i have
it is high speed infrared film ( HSI ) ( kodak )

karl french
17-Oct-2014, 17:14
New style 320TXP.

17-Oct-2014, 17:58
New style 320TXP.

I think that is what it is, I just found a holder with light writing of that on it. I am selling a bunch of holders for a friend and they might all be loaded with 320TXP...

17-Oct-2014, 20:45

TRI-X 320 / 320TXP.


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Paul Cunningham
17-Oct-2014, 22:14
HIE, when compared to a neg I have.

Jim Jones
18-Oct-2014, 06:03
It looks like HIE at first glance, but the spacing in my HIE and in Kodak reference material between the three V-notches and the wide notch is narrower than in the posted example.

Paul Cunningham
19-Oct-2014, 00:14
They are certainly very similar, but arguably the V's are closer together than with HIE. At first I thought they just reused a code, but on further reflection they just didn't make them very unique.