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phil sweeney
2-Dec-2004, 10:24
Greetings all!

I am looking at a Tiffen filter at the KEH website. It is listed as "ser 9 yel 1." Noone at KEH or tiffen can tell me if this is a K1 (#6) filter. Appreciate if anyone can tell what wratten number filter this is?


2-Dec-2004, 10:35
I have a Yel 2 which is like a K2.

Gem Singer
2-Dec-2004, 14:28
Yes, Phil,

A Yellow 1 is the same as a Wratten #6 filter. A Yellow 2 is the same as a Wratten #8 (K2).

phil sweeney
2-Dec-2004, 16:31
Greetings Eugene,

Good information. Thank you very much!