View Full Version : Sayonara Fuji Instant Color Film FP-100C45

Dirk Rösler
16-Oct-2014, 07:12
It was announced "while stocks last" a while back, now it is finally gone... (this is the 4x5 full size peel apart color instant pack film).

It was fun while it lasted

16-Oct-2014, 08:08
I only shoot a sheet maybe once or twice an outing so my stocks should last quite a while. Man. I love the stuff. Too bad, nothing else replaces a full frame fujiroid.

16-Oct-2014, 12:46
It's been gone in the US for a while. Still available on Ebay of course, at not insane prices, surprisingly. It will likely go up in the future. i have about 20 packs which will last a while.

16-Oct-2014, 15:37
Ebay has them at 4-5 times cost of fp100c.

16-Oct-2014, 16:00
I shot two sheets today. I love how it smells.