View Full Version : Schneider Xenotar 150 2,8

Jose Luiz Vasconcellos
15-Aug-1999, 07:47
I'm considering buying this lens in order to replace an old graflex optar 150 4, 7 in one of my cameras. It is a big piece of glass a friend of mine is ofering f or a very good price. I never used a lens so luminous and I cannot figure out wh at is it specific aplication. It has a Linhoff compur. Any clue about it?

John Hicks
15-Aug-1999, 15:18
It's a nice lens, but it's a press camera lens so doesn't cover much more than 4 x5, thus limiting movements. Assuming not much rise, fall or shifts intended, I' d buy it if the price is reasonable. Be careful to check for separation; that's a common problem in older lenses an d can't reasonably be repaired.