View Full Version : Nikon LF lens specifications available online?

Mark Sampson
1-Dec-2004, 09:15
I'm looking for things like transmittance data and MTF curves, specifically for the Apo-Macro ED 120mm f/5.6. This is related to some scientific concerns on the job- in my ordinary work I wouldn't bother with such abstractions. Nikon Euro offered some specs but not enough for the engineers I work with, and Nikon USA doesn't mention their large format lenses at all. Schneider, on the other hand, has volumes of data readily available...

Emmanuel BIGLER
1-Dec-2004, 09:25
Nikon-Europe has a LF lens catalog on line but no MTF charts. So this is just a starting point, not at all an answer to your question.
http://www.europe-nikon.com/category.aspx?countryid=20&languageid=22&catId=150 (http://www.europe-nikon.com/category.aspx?countryid=20&languageid=22&catId=150)

Oren Grad
1-Dec-2004, 10:42
Mark -

The Nikon Japan web site has specifications for the LF Nikkor lenses, including the 120 Apo-Macro, but does not provide detailed technical data such as MTF, transmittance, falloff and distortion charts.

Even to determine whether these data are available at all, I suspect you're going to have to pester Nikon USA to identify for you the right contact at the home office in Japan.

Emmanuel BIGLER
1-Dec-2004, 11:05
Rodenstock-Linos did not have MTF charts for their LF lenses available on-line whereas Schneider and Zeiss did provide all the info on the web ; however you could get a paper copy of MTF data by asking your Rodenstock distributor. This situation has recently changed, Rodenstock-Linos MTFcharts are now available on line on the manufacturer's web site.

So may be Nikon is in the same situation as Rodestock was a few years ago, i.e. only paper and upon request for MTF charts !