View Full Version : Lens repair in EU

13-Oct-2014, 13:58
I have one of those old aerial pentac lenses (8 inches, f/2.9, Air Ministry) that doesn't see too much use. Yesterday while I was stepping down the apperture I realized the iris blades were all messed up.
They are all in there, no one is broken, but i can't figure out how to place them back in its place.
Do you know where I can have this lens fixed?
Thanks for any help.

Pete Watkins
14-Oct-2014, 04:12
These are good but not the cheapest. They sorted my Sinar shutter and a Compour shutter out for me.
Great work.

Domingo A. Siliceo
14-Oct-2014, 06:20
Marc Nicolas does a great job in my opinion. His website is


14-Oct-2014, 08:20
Thank you for the input.
IŽll ask for a quote.
IŽve seen Marc Nocolas also does lens polishing, which might be interesting, since the lens is quite old, and has some cleaning marks on the front lens.


Carsten Wolff
19-Oct-2014, 15:43
Polishing rarely makes a discernible positive difference, to the contrary.