View Full Version : Registration "system" for multiple layer printing ?

13-Oct-2014, 05:27
Dear all,

for some time now I've been wanting to return to printing with gum bichromate process that I have once tried and liked. Also the idea of gum over metal (e.g. VanDyke) is very appealing to me.

One of the main questions that remains to be solved is the registration system. That's where I'd like to ask you for your help and advice.

I will be working with in-camera negatives, 8x10 and 5x7 format.
Is there any way to achieve a reliable registration for multiple layers without actually making holes in the negative itself and in the final print?

What are your methods?


Jim Jones
13-Oct-2014, 07:02
I've punched registration holes in tabs of tape on both sides of the negative extending outward from the rebate area. Of course this won't work well, even with clear tape, if the rebate area is part of the final image. Also, the negative could be taped to a larger mask that includes registration holes.

Drew Wiley
13-Oct-2014, 08:21
A registration punch and matching pin-registered film back and printing frame is essential unless you just want to try aligning the film and post-punching it over a light box afterwards, which is a headache, but can be done. Attaching the film to a punched registration strip requires the use of mylar rather than acetate tape, and of course, polyester film stock for everything, or it won't be dimensionally stable.