View Full Version : Print Exchange...3 People Interested!

Andrew O'Neill
30-Nov-2004, 20:17
Okay. Two people for sure are interested, myself included. I know Deniz will want to join in on this....right, Deniz? That'll make three! If you are interested, please email me with details about how you work, format, etc. It looks like we will limit this exchange to 8x10 prints. Come on!

andy8x10@canada.com or email me at sagging_bellows@canada.com

1-Dec-2004, 01:32
I am in.. 8x10 contact prints i will be sending..

Edward (Halifax,NS)
1-Dec-2004, 05:24
Do you mind colour work, printed digitally? I had a 4X5 transparency drum scanned and printed on archival paper that I am quite proud of.

Jim Rhoades
1-Dec-2004, 07:45
You have mail.

Philippe Gauthier
1-Dec-2004, 07:58
I probably missed another thread, but I'd be quite willing to exchange prints with other LF photographers. I did a few times in the past and it's a nice, friendly and inexpensive way to build a collection of fine art prints in various styles.

Shilesh Jani
1-Dec-2004, 15:37
I am interested. It will be 8x10 print made from 4x5 negative scanned and printed on "art" paper with quad inks.


Ole Tjugen
1-Dec-2004, 18:01
Since I'm in the other print exchanges, I might as well be in this one too. Can't send emails right now, expect on in a week's time.

I'll do B&W prints up to 24x30cm, or contacts from 4x5"/5x7"/18x24cm.

John McLaine
2-Dec-2004, 18:17
Is Tasmanian wilderness of any interest? My prints would be 8x10 DW FB Glossy, selenium toned, from 4x5 negs, (or maybe from 6x7 if acceptable). A rough assortment of my neg selection is in this photo.net folder. (http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=207460)

I'd love to be involved if you still have a space available.

2-Dec-2004, 23:46
Great collection John,

I would love one to hang on my wall...

Brian Ellis
3-Dec-2004, 15:57
Did the convicts eat the whale or vice versa? Either way, they're very fine photographs.