View Full Version : non commercial paintball fields in Southern California?

11-Oct-2014, 17:23
Does anyone know of any non-commercial paintball fields in Southern California? I'm looking for fields people built hidden away in secluded areas not the type of fields you pay to play at...I'm wanting to continue a project I started a few years ago. Any help is much appreciated!!!

13-Oct-2014, 17:17
Ahh c'mon...there's gotta be someone who knows a few teens/adults who go play recreationally in some secluded area or part of town! :P

I've heard theres a spot in Simi Valley, Ca but am wondering if there are any more I could go check out. If I could I'd like to make a 3 day trip out of this!

13-Oct-2014, 17:42
If you're in the area, check the sporting goods stores that sell the paintballs and recharges tanks. They'd have the personal connections to know the cool spots. Or find someone on C-list in that area selling paintball gear and tell them what you're after.

13-Oct-2014, 17:54
That's a great idea! Thanks jp!

(still open to other suggestions/tip offs too :o )

John Olsen
13-Oct-2014, 20:32
Colville Radar Site in Eastern WA. It's well worth a drive.