View Full Version : prontor shutter (broken?)

efrain rios
29-Nov-2004, 14:40
i just got a prontor shutter and i dont know if i'm using it right. the shutter will fire, but i can't get the appeture to close. it has two plugs for the remote. is it broken?
This came out of a polaroid mp-4 i think.

Emmanuel BIGLER
29-Nov-2004, 14:58
I assume that your shutter is a Prontor Professional.
You have two plugs, the red one and the white one. The white one is used to open/close the iris for preview. the red one is to tension and trigger the shutter ; the prontor pro is a self-cocking shutter.

When the white connector is left free, the iris is closed. If the iris is not closed, most probably something is wrong with the shutter.

If you connect a threaded cable release to the white connector, when you push, the iris closes to the pre-set value, you can check your depth of field. if you push more, the iris fully opens so that you can focus easily.

efrain rios
29-Nov-2004, 15:13
my problem is when the shutter fires, it goes to full apeture, no matter what my f/stop is set at.

Emmanuel BIGLER
29-Nov-2004, 15:19
You should get two cable releases and try to understand what happens. There is a users manual on S.K. Grimes' web site. http://www.skgrimes.com/prontor/index.htm (http://www.skgrimes.com/prontor/index.htm)

Darin Cozine
29-Nov-2004, 15:41
Some of the prontor shutters on the MP-3 and MP-4 units did not have apertures at all.
There should be a separate lever to contol the aperture.

As said above, one of the cable release sockets is used for focussing, which opens the shutter and the aperture to it's widest. The other will fire the shutter.

efrain rios
29-Nov-2004, 15:49
it is a tominon 127mm. and it does have the appeture lever. when i get home i will mess with it some more.

Emmanuel BIGLER
30-Nov-2004, 02:16
Check that it could be a Prontor Press instead of a Prontor Professional. The Prontor Press is also a self-cocking shutter, it is simplified in features with respect to the Prontor Professional.

efrain rios
30-Nov-2004, 08:10
i believe it is a prontor press. i could not get the aperture to work at all yesterday. i did figure out how to use both remotes, but the thing just won't stop down. am i missing somthing?