View Full Version : using the negtive in Fuj FP-3000i B&W istant pak fillm?

8-Oct-2014, 14:43
Can I recover the negative from this Fuji FP-3000 film to use in an enlarger?

8-Oct-2014, 19:10
I've not found a way to do that. You can scan the negatives after they are dry. While they are wet the emulsion will smear around and attracts dust and debris like a magnet! Print the scan on piece of Paper and put that in the enlarger (I've never done it, but have heard tell of such "Digital Negatives").

I have made B&W contact prints from the reclaimed color negatives from fp100c. I liked the results. The negatives fit perfectly (sideways) in a Beseler neg-a-flat that I just got, but I haven't tried printing with them yet.

9-Oct-2014, 04:55
Best way is to use a copy camera type enlarger. Copy the positive image on 4x5 film.