View Full Version : CO/NM - Mid Oct 2014 - Foliage Status Help Request

8-Oct-2014, 13:34
CO/NM shooters, we are planning road trip for next week (13th-18th) - would you be so kind, guys, to tell me what foliage looks like right now? Is it worth to go to look for colors there ? Or everything is gone already? I was specifically thinking about going through 4 corners area.


Rick A
8-Oct-2014, 14:55
I just received an email with photos from a nephew in Telluride--everything is in full pop right now plus the mountains are super white.

8-Oct-2014, 18:34
Don't know about 4 corners but the colors are nice in the los alamos/santa fe/albuquerque area (Jemez/Sangre/Sandia mountains).

8-Oct-2014, 21:10
Thanks guys! Then i am grabbing couple of colour boxes :)

Drew Wiley
9-Oct-2014, 10:37
My sister and her husband are on their fall color drive right now in that part of the world. Two weeks ago things were in amazing full color in northern UT and WYO and
above timberline elsewhere, but barely beginning on the Sierra passes. So my guesstimate is that the aspens in the San Juans, Abajos, and things further south should just be coming into their prime right about now.

9-Oct-2014, 12:08
Thanks, Drew. I am going to pack a bit of 8x10 colour film and pile of b&w ; ) Hopefully i can get some of colour rendered with red filters on b&w ;) And of course there is always digital ;)

Timothy Blomquist
9-Oct-2014, 17:32
I'm 45 miles south of Durango, Colorado. For the high country, mid October will be too late for Fall foliage, mainly Aspens. I am in an area between 5500-5800 foot in altitude and in the next two weeks we will be in full color for Cottonwood trees. I've lived here for 26 years and the first weekend in October is always perfect for seeing Fall color in the San Juan Range of the Colorado Rockies, especially above 7500 feet.

12-Oct-2014, 23:45
I just got back from Santa Fe on Tuesday. The aspens in the Sangre De Cristos were beautiful, but already some were past their peak. However, at slightly lower elevations in the Rio Grande valley the cottonwoods were just starting to turn. They could be in full swing when you get there.