View Full Version : Anyone ever fix a dinged filter???

Jim Andrada
7-Oct-2014, 18:28
To be exact, a cross polarized variable neutral density filter that has a fixed filter and a rotating filter in front of it and works by varying the angle of cross polarization.

I have an 82mm B&W variable filter. Today a lens with the filter attached slipped out of my hand and hit the floor, OUCH!!!

Good news - it landed on carpet and the lens is fine. Neither of the polarized plates are broken, but there is a noticeable dent in the rim of the rotating part. It rotates through the full range, but it's quite hard to turn, and I was wondering if anyone had had any luck fixing a dented filter ring.

What I had in mind was to turn a piece of hardwood to roughly the inner diameter of the filter ring and bore out a piece to the outer diameter and either try to tap the ring closer to round or apply a bit of pressure (gently) with a vise and the filter rim held between the two blocks of wood.

Not sure if any of this would work - any thoughts/suggestions would be more than welcome. This filter wasn't exactly cheap so anything that would fix or even improve the situation would be most helpful


By the way, the ring is Aluminum.

Alan Gales
7-Oct-2014, 18:44
You might try something like this:


7-Oct-2014, 20:02
If the thing Alan linked to doesn't work, you could see if they'll sell you a replacement ring set (no glass). Of course, you'd need a spanner wrench and some very steady hands to remove the retaining rings holding the glass in place.

Jim Andrada
7-Oct-2014, 20:17
Thanks - I'll give it a try.

14-Oct-2014, 05:39

Haven't tried it yet.. but it looks easy