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6-Oct-2014, 20:49
Hello everyone, I will be in Marseille on business next April. May add a few days to explore the French Riviera. Can anyone recommend locations for LF (4x5, black and white mainly) in the area. I plan to bring my Tachihara along, but also a Fuji X100 for street photography. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Tri Tran
6-Oct-2014, 21:33
You have to visit Salon de Provence.Tons of photos opportunity. It's about an hour from Marseille. Very pretty . In case you are in Salon de Provence don't forget to visit the restaurant Indochine . Great food , great service. Tell the owner I sent you . I'm sure you will get the royal treatment , perhaps a free meal :).

7-Oct-2014, 05:58
i can't remember how far away aix en provence might be, but just outside of aix
is a tiny place called les mille / roquefavour there is a beautiful 19th century aqueduct
if you need a place to stay l'hotel arquier is wonderful the restaurant serves delicious-stuff.

Emmanuel BIGLER
7-Oct-2014, 10:00
Hello from France

Close to Marseilles, going to Cassis, the coast is quite picturesque, it is now a nature reserve named "Les Calanques". Most of the parts are not accessible to motor vehicles, though. East of Cassis, the coast road is spectacular with a high cliff at Cap Canaille.

From Marseilles to Aix-en-Provence there is a motorway, travel time is about half an hour. From Aix en Provence you can go to Montagne Sainte Victoire if you are interested by Paul CÚzanne's "tripod holes" ;) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montagne_Sainte-Victoire)

From Marseilles to Nice by motorway A8 travel time is 2h30, but this motorway is located quite far from the coast.
Alternatively you can use motorway A50 to Toulon and exit anywhere to explore the coast. Coast roads are usually overcrowded in July and August, but in April there is less traffic; spring is a very nice season for the French Riviera.

11-Oct-2014, 04:55
Cassis is really nice. As is the Callanques. I'd go back in a heart beat!

John Olsen
11-Oct-2014, 08:10
Try the grotesque figures at Chateau La Napoule. The figures were made by Henri Clews and make for interesting and unusual studies. It's a little west from Cannes, right on the water. Have a great trip.

12-Oct-2014, 15:01
Thank you so much, guys, that is very useful!