View Full Version : Super speed graphic focus screen is dark???

6-Oct-2014, 16:33
I have a Super Speed Graphic is fair condition. The range finder does't work but that's ok because I would rather focus on the GG. my question, is it normal for SSG's to be dark? If not is there a solution. Focusing my Sinar F2 4X5 is easier because it seems brighter. I focus with the lens wide open and then adjust the aperture.
Hope this question makes sense...

Donald Qualls
6-Oct-2014, 17:10
A faster lens will make a difference here (that is, if the Sinar has an f/4.5 lens but the one on your Super is f/6.3, the Sinar will be about one stop brighter on the ground glass), but it's likely that the bigger difference is due to a Fresnel screen behind the ground glass in your Sinar. If that's the case, you can pretty easily add a similar Fresnel to the Super Speed.

6-Oct-2014, 18:24
No. The SSG has a Fresnel and should not be dark. Could it just be dirty? I once bought a used SSG only to discover that it was covered in smoke damage -- hope you didn't end up with it.

6-Oct-2014, 19:31
Wilhelm is correct, it should have fresnel if all parts are there... But even that doesn't make it incredibly bright.

7-Oct-2014, 06:55
There is a fresnel. I will try cleaning the fresnel and the GG to see if that will brighten it a bit. Is there an after market fresenel that will work and brighten the view?

7-Oct-2014, 07:07
When you do that, clean carefully. The fresnel (Ektalite, I think it is called) is some sort of plastic. Don't use solvent. And make sure that it is re-assembled in the correnct order/orientation. I once tried an aftermarket fresnel on top of mine and it make focussing mroe difficult.