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J. P. Mose
29-Nov-2004, 11:51
I know this subject appears fairly frequently, but I haven't heard anything further about Ilford in the past 60 days. Have there been any further developments?

tim atherton
29-Nov-2004, 12:05
this is about the latest I've seen?

http://www.silverprint.co.uk/News204.html (http://www.silverprint.co.uk/News204.html)

(BTW the Ilford History pdf is somewhat interesting)

29-Nov-2004, 12:55
a new website is now online in germany: www.ilford.de.
in a press release on this site ilford announces to keep on without cutting the product-range largely. large-format film is to be continued. the distribution-service had to be reorganized.
regards. juergen

Andrew O'Neill
29-Nov-2004, 13:59
That's good news, juergen. To quote Fred Flintstone, "Yaba daba do!"

bob carnie
29-Nov-2004, 16:19
I am having a depressingly hard time getting any info on product leaving Europe to North America. Being told a ship with product may or may not have left. I have been patient , but Ilfords lack of response as to whether materials are coming is not good

Colin Myers
30-Nov-2004, 00:01
The latest news I have heard is that there will probably be confirmation of a management
buy-out, December2004/January 2005
Colin Myers

30-Nov-2004, 03:46
just got the information that perceptol, bromophen and ilfofix II won't be produced anymore. all other chemicals remain. regards. juergen

Jan Schuller
30-Nov-2004, 09:56
Some days ago, I wanted to buy some FB Paper from Ilford. I went to the store (in Zurich), where I usually get things like this. The shelfs were almost empty. Instead notes where placed that Ilford hard difficulties to deliver etc. Quite spooky.


Pete Watkins
30-Nov-2004, 11:32
As far as chemicals go I think that Perceptol is one of Ilfords best products, if they are stopping production does anybody know the formula?

Robert Statius-Muller
3-Dec-2004, 11:11

I asked my Jessops sales person (here in London) that question last week.

They have been told that only the chemicals are discontinued and that Ilford continues to manufacture and distribute film and paper.

He said the sense was that the patents to the chemicals would be bought by someone soon and were likely to become available under someone else's brand name.

Sal Santamaura
21-Feb-2005, 15:12
This is further news: