View Full Version : Large lens on a Kodak Empire state

6-Oct-2014, 07:26
Hey guys, anyone know how big of a lens I can safely mount to a Kodak Empire state 8x10 camera? I just picked up a rebranded 14" Vesta and am a little concerned that it will be too big for my camera. The lens is approx 8" tall and 4.5" in diameter.

Tracy Storer
7-Oct-2014, 19:46
Can't say for certain, but you are probably right to be concerned. IIRC the front standards on those do not have any diagonal bracing, in which case, cantilevered heavy lenses will put a strain on it.

7-Oct-2014, 22:51
I was able to put a six pound 15" f/4 Petzval on my 8x10 Eastman View No. 2 which, I believe, is similar to the Empire State. I currently put that same lens on the front of my Century Universal whose front standard is less robust than the Eastman's.

In other words, you can probably put that lens on your camera, but extra care will be needed because it will put the front standard under strain. Front rise and fall can be tricky to use with such a large cantilevered load, and you might be asking for trouble if you don't have a sliding tripod block or other way to bring the tripod mounting position forward.

Good luck!


8-Oct-2014, 07:42
Thanks guys, making a lens board out of maple and will try it out today.
I'll post some pics if it works.