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Michael R
5-Oct-2014, 06:54
Hello. First post on LFPF. Not new to LF but as a darkroom guy I've only really been active on APUG. Anyhow.

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience to share regarding use of relatively short focal length lenses on monorails with fixed-length rails that are relatively long. In this case 18". Way back I had a Sinar A1 and if I remember correctly the rail was also quite long but I don't remember it being too much of a hassle, although my shortest lens at the time was a 90. I now also use a 72 quite often.

Not worried about recessed boards, WA bellows, tripod block (which slides so no problem). I'll get that all sorted out. My question really relates to whether or not you have trouble getting your face close enough to the gg with say a 72mm focused at infinity. Obviously there is a limit to how far back you can move the standards before the front of the rail ends up in the picture. Perhaps the solution in that case is to move the standards farther back and simply raise them both (assuming no front rise was required in the first place.

Anyway, just thought I'd ask is anyone out there has this sort of a setup (relatively long, non folding, non telescoping rail) and has had any real problems with short lenses. 72 is my shortest and I can't see myself ever using anything shorter on that camera anyway.


Bob Salomon
5-Oct-2014, 07:07
No problem. You bring both standards to the front of the rail, mount the lens on the prper board and the W/A bellows. The rest of the rail sticks out the back and you easily get your eye right on the gg. The 72 would be on a flat board. Only 58 and shorter require a recessed board on a Kardan.

Or, if desired, you can always buy an additional rail and shorten it but that isn't necessary.

Michael R
5-Oct-2014, 11:32
Bob, thanks very much for the additional info.