View Full Version : Calumet 45NX- market price

Tolga Yayalar
14-Aug-1999, 20:19
Hi everybody, I have a quick question. What is the market price for a 4 year old Calumet 45NX. I'm not familiar with the market and don't want to pay too much. I know new one s are 995.99. So would half price be resonible for example. Thanks a lot. Tolga

Robert Choi
2-Oct-1999, 01:00
Tolga, how fair the price highly depends on the market prices of LF camera in your area.I just picked up a very old super cambo which is almost identical to the calumet 45nx with a little bit less rise & fall and smaller control knobs.Although it doesn't feel brand new, I have great confidence in it that every will remain tight after I finish with changing the standards' positions.I paid $300 us and I live in Edmonton Alberta.I think you can buy the same camera at Midwest Photo exchange for slightly less than that price.(non-rotating back,but is it really a big deal)My camera weighs only about 6.5 pounds.

good luck Robert

John Hicks
2-Oct-1999, 02:06
Around $250-300 or so. Plenty of them around.

Robert Eaves
3-Jul-2000, 19:54
If you havn't already, go to www.ebay.com. This auction site has just about everything you would ever need on any given day. I have purchased many medium and large format pieces of equiptment at very reasonable (cheap!) prices. I recently purchased a Cambo SC for less than $350. Be patient, and you will get great deals.