View Full Version : My Tetenal E6 Blix (BX Part 1) looks like strong Espresso, normal?

2-Oct-2014, 09:06
This canít be right, can it?


The first sheet through that however, seems to have gone alright. So I wonder if this is normal or not. The working solution is so brown it clings to the thermometer; basically like Espresso.

http://i.imgur.com/knFCN2T.jpg (http://imgur.com/knFCN2T.jpg)

gary mulder
2-Oct-2014, 09:43
One part is clear the other should be dark brown/red.

2-Oct-2014, 11:41
Ah, that puts my mind to rest.

I just couldn’t imagine it would look like years old rodinal out-of-the-box.

2-Oct-2014, 13:02
Not sure about Tetenal but the blix form E6 was that color.

I may have to give this a try.

Were you processing at 100 degrees F?

2-Oct-2014, 13:14
No, 38 degrees Celsius.

just kidding

2-Oct-2014, 13:51
Oh crap! and here I was doing it wrong for nearly 40 years. Seems I am always half a "degree" off bubble. ;)

2-Oct-2014, 14:28
Though I have to admit, this is one case where the funny US unit system is more plausible: 100 degrees is the temperature at which you develop color film. Not this useless property of water boiling ...