View Full Version : Things to see between Royalton, VT and Boston

Ed Richards
1-Oct-2014, 16:36
I am going to a conference in Royalton, VT, driving up from the Boston Airport. When I am done on Sunday morning, I have until 2 PM Monday to back at the Boston Airport. Anything interesting to see or photograph on my drive back? Places I should eat?:-)

1-Oct-2014, 16:42
Not sure about in vt, but head over to nh and drive around the white mountain national forest in upper nh. Probably some nice foliage in vt and nh.

Ed Richards
1-Oct-2014, 20:40
How about in Boston?

1-Oct-2014, 20:58
Definitely check state parks in White Mountain area. Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.

2-Oct-2014, 03:27
In Boston, the Museum of fine art has a Karsh Exhibit (also at a nearby hospital) and a pictorialism exhibit. For sights, Boston has many American history attractions; google freedom trail. Many nice places to eat in the "North End" and near North Station. Boston is an important places for colleges and business, but I don't often think of it as a destination.

2-Oct-2014, 07:55
There is a lifetime of things to see in New England. It really depends on the kind of things you are interested in (e.g. birds, antiques, old towns, bridges, water bodies, gardens, architecture). If you are mostly interested in the boiler-plate large format stuff that is popular in this forum, such as: alpine ponds in the mist, covered bridges, historic monuments, red barns, long-exposure waterfalls, lighthouses, arrays of brightly colored boats, any guidebook will do.

2-Oct-2014, 09:16
In Boston you could do The Freedom Trail: http://www.thefreedomtrail.org/ and the USS Constitution: http://www.ussconstitutionmuseum.org/visit/plan/?gclid=CJi6o9CtjsECFUMLMgodcXcAeg with the amount of time that you have available.


Michael Graves
2-Oct-2014, 09:43
Take Rt. 14 over to Bethel, where it connects with Rt. 107. Whichever way you go on 107 will take you to something interesting. If you go south on 107, look for Rt. 12 south and take it to Silver Lake State Park. There is much to entertain you in that part of our lovely state.

Ed Richards
2-Oct-2014, 20:48

Sadly, all I have room for is a Sony a6000.

3-Oct-2014, 02:09
If interested in nature then the White Mountains.
If interested in US history and unfriendly locals then Boston.
Personally, I would enjoy the foliage via 112 or 302 and stay in North Conway, NH. Make sure you reserve the hotel ahead.
You should also add a couple of extra hours entering Boston from the north Monday morning.

William Whitaker
3-Oct-2014, 08:23
Leaf peepers galore. Plan ahead.

Tom Monego
3-Oct-2014, 10:24
If you are going this weekend, full foliage watch for leaf peepers. But the scenery should be gorgeous. White Mountains are a little out of the way 50 or so miles on Rt2, a wide road but still can get slow. In Vermont check out Woodstock, a tourist town but pretty. There is a sculpture fest right outside of town, on 2 farms, nice place to walk. Several good places to eat in Woodstock, can get pricy. If you go down 107, then go south on 100, will skirt the Green Mountains, and get you to Rt 4 by Killington and Pico ski areas, then east to Woodstock. Depends on time, Vermont is great this time of year.

3-Oct-2014, 14:32
I like the old cemeteries in Boston. There's always the Concord battlefield and the North End. My son likes Grotto and Daily Catch (restaurants) in Boston.

Jim Andrada
9-Oct-2014, 23:10
I don't much like the Legal Seafood chain as a general rule, but the new one in South Boston (270 Northern Ave) is quite good, as is Atlantic Fish Co. (761 Boylston St) near Copley Sq. Speaking of which, Trinity church in Copley Sq is quite interesting. The North End has been thoroughly Yuppified by now - used to be hardly anyone spoke English, just Italian. Gloucester/Rockport/Marblehead are good as well if you like ocean views. Lots of old cemeteries scattered about everywhere in New England. Beacon Hill is architecturally fascinating, Harvard and MIT also.

One of the things I love about Boston is how fundamentally GPS unfriendly it is!