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Dave Schneider
27-Nov-2004, 20:24
I am going to look at a Sinar P that is for sale. What are the wear points to be especially cautious of with this camera? I have seen postings here about older P models requiring overhaul. What are the things to look for to determine if this one needs an overhaul? If it does need some work is it affordable? I know that will depend on what's wrong, can you give me some ranges of typical repair items.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
28-Nov-2004, 07:51
If a SINAR P is used heavily it may need service evry five years. Then they exchange worne parts (mostly nilon)

and dry bubblel levels and adjust the standards and zero dents. I have a P since 22 years and it was serviced after

I had had it for about ten years and used it very much. I could have gone on using it without the service but dried

out bubble levels and a back standard lock that nedded extra force to sit tight when using heavy 8x10" standard

made me send it for service. The sevice was not horridly expensive and the camera came back a vergin. I do not

know where you are locaded but there are very often good Ps for sale on the german Ebay for little money.


Gudmudur Ingˇlfsson

tor kviljo
29-Nov-2004, 03:23
I have a P/P2 (P2 front standard/P rear), and have the last year had to replace two of the nylon tracks, for focussing & tilt respectively. Parts were inexpensive ($ 15 & 20 for the straight and the curved track respectively) and quite easy to replace. The drive gear is made of steel, so it's the nylon track that takes the beating. Otherwice, the P's mechanims are constructed so that no metal parts is touching each other: between all moving sections of the standard bearers are nylon-rods riding in grooves in the metal. These nylon rods give acceptable low friction and represent a easy & inexpensive part when replacement is needed. However, I found no reason to remove the nylon rods from the tilt mechanism when that one were replaced, neither other nylon parts from the focus mechanism. However, expect that the above mentioned focussing track may be worn on an old camera. It's interesting to see that the P2 were re-fitted with brass gear-track instead of nylon tracks for the rise-mechanism.

Also, the upper part of each standard bearer have a sheet metal plate covering the gear-machanism and (on the P only) the shifter mechanism for tilt/sving. These are ordinary all-metal "gearbox" parts in need of grease on gears - oil on bearings - possibly being dry on an old camera. Go through all movements on both standards to look for defective tracks, check for positive gear-shift on P-standards when changing function from tilt to turn. Try to get the feeling if focussing/rise bearings show sign of wear. One of the very few metal-metal mechanisms which might possibly wear loose/wear out.

The short of it: a ultra-well made camera made for loooong service with easily replacable & surpricingly inexpensive parts! - enjoy!

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
29-Nov-2004, 12:45
I have a Sinar P that has had contant use for the past twenty years.
In that time the only problems I encountered were:

Front tilt would not go beyond 5 Deg. - the nylon rack had worn but camera still ok.
Rear standard level damaged - camera working ok.
Focussing screen needed relining with light trapping material - camera rendered useless!


I sent the camera for service/repair to the Sinar Main agent in London. It was necessary for them to send to Germany for the parts required; when the camera was returned in was pristine.

The cost very worth while for a first class service.

I consider it the best camera in it's class!.

tim atherton
29-Nov-2004, 12:58
wasn't Sinar trying to sell off it's warehouse full of parts and accesories at Photokina?