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29-Sep-2014, 09:14
Hi. I have a Gitzo Tripod but the label has peeled off so I can't figure out the model. Below are some pic any help is appreciated. The pics are taken when the legs are compressed but they extend to 48".

Louis Pacilla
30-Sep-2014, 07:08
Looks like it could be a G410 w/out center column.

30-Sep-2014, 20:02
I have an older G410, and it looks the same.

Leonard Robertson
1-Oct-2014, 11:20
I dug out a couple of older catalogs - a Karl Heitz Gitzo catalog from the early 1980s and a Calumet catalog from sometime in the 1980s. Both show Gitzos with cast metal "ears" on the top leg adjustment collar (as shown in your pictures) as being 500 series and Gitzos with the normal black rubber covered collar on the top leg section are 400 series. Both catalogs show leg diameter for the top leg section as 1 3/8" for the 400 series and 1 1/2" for the 500 series (and 1 1/4" for the 300 series). I measured the leg diameter on my 500 series Gitzo and it measures almost 1 5/8" dia. I bought this tripod used in the late 1970s. Maybe Gitzo used slightly thicker tubing back then.

But I suppose it is possible Gitzo started using the "ears" on the 400 series after the 1980s when these catalogs were issued. Try measuring the diameter of the top leg section and see what you find.


Richard Johnson
1-Oct-2014, 18:29
Tell us the leg diameter and length of fattest top section.

2-Oct-2014, 08:56
Thanks for the help guys. The top section is 23" and the diameter is 5".

3-Oct-2014, 11:33
The available models in an early 1990's Gitzo catalog were much less than today's offering. The Sport, Reporter, Mountaineer and Studex, which only went to Series 3, all had the rubber collar on the top leg.

The series 3 Inter Pro Studex (top leg diameter 1-1/4"), the series 4 Pro Studex (top leg diameter 1-1/2"), and the series 5 Tele Studex (top leg diameter 1-5/8") all had the metal ears.

Measure the top leg diameter, and the folded length.

3-Oct-2014, 15:45
I had measured the diameter w/ a piece of string that I wrapped around. When I use a tape measure across it's 1.5"

3-Oct-2014, 16:05
A 5 inch circumference is a diameter of 1.59 inches: closer to 1.625 than 1.5