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Jan Van Hove
27-Nov-2004, 14:08
In looking for lenses that cover 11x14, i always come back to the extreme coverage of the 210mm super-angulon, and was wondering how much i could expect to pay for an older version of the lens, the silver-barreled one that in theory should be cheaper...

A 500mm image circle at f22 for a 210mm lens... That's seriously wide !
(for 11x14, (and 7x17 for that matter...), it's a rough equivalent of a 20mm lens in 35mm)



27-Nov-2004, 15:46

All the 210mm super angulons i've seen on e-bay were too expensive.

I have a 210mm eskefor-ultragon f9 that i use on my 8x10 with great movements and i have yet to run out of image circle.
I bought it for $20cnd off ebay.
hey its not in a shutter but my Deniz Shutter works perfect :)

I wouldn't be suprized if it covered 11x14 nicely

Oren Grad
27-Nov-2004, 18:03
From my perspective, the problem with the 210 SA is that it's just so heavy - I believe it's >3 kg. I can't think of any regular production camera other than a very heavy-duty studio monorail on which I could imagine mounting such a heavy lens - certainly not any wooden camera I've used.

Of course, if you build your own camera, you can make it as robust as you want.

But maybe I worry too much. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else here has experience in mounting extremely heavy lenses like the 210 SA, or huge process lenses in long focal lengths - what kind of camera were you using, how heavy a lens was it, and what special steps, if any, did you need to take for it to be secure?

CP Goerz
28-Nov-2004, 01:33
I use my 210 SA on my 8x10 Dorff, no extra support needed. I am awaiting some work to be done on my 8x20 to see how it will do there.

I paid $475 for mine but that was a rarity I think.

CP Goerz

Jan Van Hove
28-Nov-2004, 01:45
Thanks for the replies,

The SA I have my eyes on comes with a Kardan color 8x10 camera, so i don't think support will be an issue on that camera...
On a 11x14 field camera, on the other hand, won't the very short bellows extension help to stabilise the whole thing ?
I was thinking about getting my hands on a Phillips 11x14, will it be able to support 7 pounds of lens ?



Brian Ellis
28-Nov-2004, 06:18
The problem with the 11x14 Phillips isn't supporting the lens, it's finding the camera. I believe Dick has stopped making 11x14s and I'm not sure I've ever seen a used one for sale. Even the much more popular 8x10 Phillips very rarely show up on the used market.

Michael S. Briggs
28-Nov-2004, 08:09
The 210 mm Super-Angulon, and the similar 200 mm Grandagon, go for well over $1000 on ebay. Many of the auctions end in no sale because the sellers have set too high of an initial price or reserve. These lens are uncommon but not rare. There's one on ebay right now -- is that why you are asking?

Jan Van Hove
28-Nov-2004, 08:15
I've had my eyes on the e-bay 210mm lenses in the last few weeks, and saw that many were not selling, that's why i asked how much they were worth...
I've got my eyes on a 210 that is sold by a local seller at a good price (i'll tell you once i get it, so no one runs to that place to grab it from under my nose... the price is that good...)
As for the Phillips, I know a source where i can get one... (I know a lot of things, you see ? :p)



Oren Grad
28-Nov-2004, 13:57
About mounting a 210 SA on a big Phillips: the bracket that constitutes the front standard should be more than strong enough. But the frame that holds the lensboard is held up only by friction with a pair of washers under compression of two screw knobs, one on each side - these are loosened to allow adjustment of rise/fall and tilt. The heaviest lens I've ever mounted on my 8x10 Phillips - a 480 Sironar-N - weighs about 2.5kg. I've only tested that combination once, without incident, but I was pretty uncomfortable having so much mass held only by friction with such small bearing surfaces, and I haven't yet tried it again.

If you're intending to use the big SA on a Phillips I imagine it would be worth a phone call to Dick to find out whether he has any recommendations or caveats in this respect...

Jan Van Hove
28-Nov-2004, 14:02
Slipped right under my nose... Darn !

It was on e-bay germany, in a kit with a kardan color 8x10, a linhof tripod and 2 convertible symmars... got sold for 950 euros...
I'll have to keep on looking...


tim atherton
28-Nov-2004, 14:40
Not quite so heavy - about 1.6kg vs 2.3kg - but I have had no problem usign a 165mm Super Angulon onthe Phillips 8x10 - felt as solid as anythign else - I never felt the standard locks were close to not beign able to hold it.

In fact I used to have a huge 12" 4.5 lens in a massive Betax shutter that I'm sure probably weighed more and again, it never seemed a problem

Pete Caluori
1-Dec-2004, 06:50
Not quite what you were asking Jan, but an alternative is the 240 Computar. It's pretty close in focal length to the 210 and it covers 11x14 at f22 and offers some movement. It's a small lens and often inexpensive, but not that easy to find. Good luck!

Regards, Pete