View Full Version : Linhof Kompendium shade (Mounting block pins)

Daniel Stone
27-Sep-2014, 16:44
Hey all,

I've been in touch with Nippon Photo Clinic, and have contacted Linhof directly(still awaiting a reply, but as prior experience puts it, it's usually a few days/weeks before I get a reply :rolleyes:)

Anyhow, I'm wondering if anyone here might have a solution/answer.

I recently purchased a factory Linhof "Kompendium" shade from a seller on e**y. I knew that a pin was missing, as it wasn't shown in the pictures. Anyhow, the price was good, so I decided to buy anyhow. Now I'm realizing that there's a reason why Linhof put (2) pins on the mounting block: to keep it straight!). "Duh" moment for me, let's keep it at that ;).

Does anyone by chance happen to have a mounting block w/ the same type of pins they're not using, or know of a place that could turn a new pin(or a few for a smaller fee per unit) to match the original one? I know about SKGrimes, and will contact them for a quote on pricing, but wanted to test the waters first here. Unfortunately I