View Full Version : Correlating BTZS to roll film testing

27-Sep-2014, 15:27

I have a step tablet, several rolls of film, a densitometer and WinPlotter. I'm just getting my thoughts in order before embarking on a journey of discovery.

What I have just noticed is that WinPlotter has a pre-ordained table of 21 steps when I select the 'New Film' option.

Does this mean WinPlotter can only use step tablets ??

What I intended to do was to go outdoors and shoot a roll of film from say -5 stops through to +10 stops in 1/2 stop increments or thereabouts. I was going to then take a reading from each of the 35mm frames with the densitometer to get my curves.

How does my 'in the field' test plan correlate to the step tablet which has predefined shadings in 0.15 increments ??