View Full Version : Schneider Angulon 65mm f8 on 5"x4" anyone?

27-Nov-2004, 02:28
I'm really stumped here.

This shutterless lens uncoated Schneider Super Angulon 65mm f8 (filter thread 49mm) which I have is mounted in a recessed board and fits fine onto a Sinar monorail which I use.

I've never needed anything wider than 90mm so when I switched to the 65mm with the wide-angle bellows, I was miffed to find that it won't focus at the closes lens-image distance on the monorail.

The only way I can get the image to focus is to tilt the lens standard by 7 degrees and the image standard by 7 degrees ; by then I can already start seeing vignetting on the screen at f8.

Any ideas or suggestions thankfully appreciated.

Dan Fromm
27-Nov-2004, 06:11
Do you have a Super Angulon (wasp-waisted, should be coated) or an Angulon (pancake, need not be coated)? You type "Angulon" in y'r heading, "Super Angulon" in y'r text.

They are very different lenses with different flange-to-film distances at infinity (SA's is larger) and coverage. The Angulon covers 6x9. The 65 SA barely covers 4x5.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Nov-2004, 07:55
The 65/8 Super Angulon will just cover 4x5". I'm guessing that's the one you have, because the Angulon should be 65/6.8.

If you have both base tilts and axis tilts on one or both standards, you can sometimes get them closer together that way (tilt the front standard back at the base and forward at the axis and do the opposite with the rear standard, or if you can only move the front standard in this way then leave the rear straight and use front rise to recenter the image).

More typically, you need a recessed lensboard for a wide lens like that. Even if it is possible to get the standards close enough to use a flat board, you may want a recessed board to give you more room for movements.

27-Nov-2004, 15:02
It's a black Super Angulon f8 with an aperture threaded cable release - shutterless. These days I can't muster anything faster than 8 second exposures. It doesn't look multi-coated to me, but I could be wrong.

Guess I'm disappointed in hearing that it will just cover 4x5". I didn't think to check the coverage - big mistake especially given expiring coverage of the 90mm Super Angulon f8 on the monorail. It's not been easy adapting any of these 6x9" lenses for 6x9" either.

David - that's what I've been doing to get the focus point for the 65mm. The coverage expires before I even get to the focus point. The bellows crumple absolutely flat at this point, and they need to be pulled out of the imaging axis otherwise black obstructions are visible.

Thanks guys.

Richard Littlewood
29-Nov-2004, 14:21
I have a 60's 65 mm f8 super angulon, I use it on 5x4, and it's a cracker of a lens. It does need however to be quite close to the film plane, and I can just use it with a little movements on a Walker titan with bag bellows. I would have thought with a Sinar bag bellows and a recessed lens board would be vital. It will cover 5x4 easily. Problems with focus might come from the two lens 'clusters' being not correctly spaced. I have only ever seen these lenses used with either a no 00 shutter (most common) or a no 0. Also I have found a centre filter to be essential. Dont give up on the lens!, even the ones from the1960's are very good, though a bit dim on the focus screen.

Bob Fowler
29-Nov-2004, 20:20
I also have one of the 1960's 65mm f/8 SA lenses. I have mine in a recessed board for my Toyo, as it won't focus to infinity otherwise. It just covers 4X5...