View Full Version : selenium toner better with age?

24-Sep-2014, 17:40
Someone gave me 4 old glass bottles of Kodak selenium toner. They have never been opened, and I wonder if they would be still any good. Any thoughts.

Bruce Barlow
25-Sep-2014, 02:56
They're fine. If you're not sure, try some on scrap prints.

If you dump them, save and wash out the bottles.

Peter Gomena
25-Sep-2014, 07:42
A friend and I share his darkroom, in which we have several bottles of aged Kodak selenium toner, all of various vintages, some in full bottles, some not, all of them plastic. There's no loss of function from any of it that he or I can perceive.

Mark Sampson
25-Sep-2014, 08:43
A few years back I found an unopened pint bottle of KRST with the pre-1972 Kodak graphics. I tried it; it was functionally identical to the new-stock toner I already had on hand.

25-Sep-2014, 09:07
Selenium (SE) is a stable chemical element (atomic number 34).


25-Sep-2014, 09:20
Glad to hear it, selenium is getting hard to find, and getting expensive.