View Full Version : Need an 8x10 Deardorff measuring favor

Michael Jones
24-Sep-2014, 17:29
Could an 8x10 Deardoff owner please measure the overall size of the back, distance between the pins and the outer dimensions of the plateau (that fits into the back as the light trap)?

I'm trying to figure out if one will fit a camera I have that is backless.

Thanks in advance.


Tracy Storer
24-Sep-2014, 17:58
overall = 12"x12"
"land" or "plateau" = 11 3/16" square x 1/8"high
3/32" pins = 10.5" apart, measured center to center

Easy enough to plug and re-pin if the other dimensions are close

Michael Jones
25-Sep-2014, 08:40
Thanks Tracy.