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23-Sep-2014, 07:45
I thought some of you might like to see this happen. A 120 ISO 800 T sounds like a good thing to me.


23-Sep-2014, 08:13
I like the idea but it's too reliant on kodak motion picture stock and comes at a time when Arri just announced a new 6K sensor camera that uses hasselblad lenses. I hope they make it though. The movie I'm on now shot a lot of 65mm kodak last week on 2 IMAX cameras. 1000ft doesn't last very long, under 3 minutes!

23-Sep-2014, 09:37
seems like it would make more sense to just get Kodak to do a run of 500T in 120 size and leave off the remjet. Probably cheaper too. or, just get them to do portra 800 in 120, directly, even better. or, better yet, just shoot portra 400 and push one stop if need be. tungsten-balanced just seems like a pain in the ass unless you are in an environment with tons of hotlights, etc.

23-Sep-2014, 11:13
Ed, I think you're missing the point. They've had success selling 35mm cinestill because of it's characteristics and they're interested in just making it available in 120. It doesn't look like portra shot under tungsten light or otherwise. I used to shoot 500 asa tungsten film all the time (when RBG lab processed it) because I work in the film industry and I AM often in an environment with tons of "hotlights".

30-Sep-2014, 06:31
Just contributed. The film characteristics look fantastic. I'd like to add it to my portraiture portfolio. I really hope they succeed. They still have a long way to go to get funded.

7-Nov-2014, 16:54
Sad... They didn't get funded. Hope they still find a way to do this. Its very interesting to see which photo products get the go ahead and which don't. Perhaps just marketing or lack of aggressive marketing. I think new55 hit a similar target but probably has a smaller user base than that of medium format film.

7-Nov-2014, 23:04
No, they did show that they had not planned well. They later copied from Ferranias KS post(giving more details on how money will be used etc), but didn't answer that key question though - what happens when Kodak stops making MP film? Or how much volume will they buy to keep it sustainable?
Communication was not great at all. (still got a 1000 backers)

8-Nov-2014, 06:11
(still got a 1000 backers)
LA is a big place, dude...

And - for some reason they wanted 360K$ to cut and process EXISTING film made by another company, where as ferrania wanted 30% less, and they will make an entire new production of films from scratch. the numbers seem to not make sense.