View Full Version : Epson F3200 scanner film scans

24-Nov-2004, 11:28
Sometime ago, Bernard Languillier wrote:

"I will do my very best to send them some time next week (things have been a bit busy recently). Since I do also own a Coolscan 9000ED, I intend to also scan a few 6*45 Velvia with both scanners to provide a basis for comparison. "


Have you had the opportunity to scans mf negatives with the Epson F3200 and if so, what have been your findings. How does it compared to the Nikon Coolscan 9000?

Bernard Languillier
24-Nov-2004, 16:00
Hi Andre,

Yep, I said I was willing to do so, and still am, I just need to find one hour one of these days... this coming weekend could be possible.


24-Nov-2004, 19:40
Thanks Bernard, looking forward to your findings.