View Full Version : Extension rail for Korona Panoramic View 7x17

18-Sep-2014, 10:59
I am looking for a rear extension rail for a Korona Panoramic View 7x17. The rail would be 7 5/8" wide and the tracks are 7" wide from edge to edge. I am guessing it would be about 12 1/2" long. Any ideas or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Doug Howk
18-Sep-2014, 12:12
You might search on ePray for camera extension rail - they occasionally occur. Also might buy a similar rail, and switch out the center posts to match your camera's width.

David A. Goldfarb
18-Sep-2014, 12:45
These were matched to the camera body at the factory, so if you're lucky enough to find one, it still may require some adaptation to make it work.

The camera also came with supports that slide into pins underneath the rails, so if you manage to find the extension rail, you'll want to try to recreate these.

Lachlan 717
18-Sep-2014, 15:37
Just make one (or have one made if you don't have the skills); they're a simple design. I'm happy to give you a hand with photos of mine.

As for the rail supports, they, too, are easy to make. You just need two screw heads that will fit into the slots on the base of the camera. I don't like the design much, as it puts a lot of stress on the timber holding the slot plate in place (remembering that the last of these cameras was made in the 1930s). A fr better idea is having a rail that puts the weight on the top of the base plate, rather than hanging from it. Again, if you want details on this, let me know!

Doug Howk
18-Sep-2014, 16:50
For support of the two rails (front and rear), I used a board same width as Korona base and length far enough to support both rails. Screwed the new base onto a tripod head (heavy duty Majestic), and screwed from the new base into the Korona center base. Seems to work fine.

18-Sep-2014, 17:35
Thank you all for the ideas.

Yes Lachlan that would be helpful to see some images thank you. It is looking like I will probably have to come up with a DIY solution.

Thanks Doug for the idea for the rail support. I have a Majestic head and I think that will work well.