View Full Version : FYI: Ektar 100 in 8x10 available at Adorama

18-Sep-2014, 10:31

I saw that Adorama is offering fresh Ektar 100 in 8x10/10 sheet boxes on their eBay page for $144.95 with free shipping.


I haven't looked so I don't know if they would sell it on their regular storefront.

18-Sep-2014, 16:30
Thanks. I ordered a box.

BTW, it is also listed on their main site for the same price with free shipping.

Jim Andrada
21-Sep-2014, 21:46
I got a couple of boxes from the regular Adorama site a few weeks back.

23-Sep-2014, 19:35
I bought 8x10 porta 160 from B&H the other day, in stock, for similar $. Ektar is nice stuff, but I'm more familiar with Portra in general use and decided to use something I know better. I haven't done color 8x10, but thought I'd try while it was still available.