View Full Version : Impossible 8x10 film

Lou Baleur
16-Sep-2014, 18:14
This one is for the Impossible 8x10 users:

Can the Impossible 8x10 film fit in a standard 8x10 film holder?

I ask because I don't have the very expensive Polaroid holder and processor, but do have 8x10 film holders and access to an artists roller press. If the film can fit in the regular holder, I think that I'd be able to "roller process" it in the press.

16-Sep-2014, 19:03
No. At $15+ pop it's worth getting the holder.

22-Sep-2014, 10:59
I think attempting to use the Impossible 8x10 film in a non-Polaroid 8x10 film holder would be a very expensive exercise in futility. The film itself comes in a light-tight envelope with a large tongue on one end to guide it through the roller processor. A standard 8x10 film holder would not be able to accommodate this without heavy modification of either the film or holder itself. For all the time and effort that would be involved in "making it work", it would be a better idea to just find a good deal on a holder and processor.