View Full Version : Dedicated 4x10 film cutters?

16-Sep-2014, 07:21
Am looking at 4x10 and think I'll be cutting 8x10 film down.
Anyone know of a dedicated film cutter on the market?

Would rather have one set to do the job rather than having to tape up an existing rotary cutter which I use for other things as well.

I do have a small punch where I can mark the emulsion on the second sheet to match the original film notch so that is not a concern. Just looking for an easy way to make sure the film is cut the same size each time.

Oren Grad
16-Sep-2014, 07:54
Fotoman under its original management made a limited run of a dedicated 4x10 cutter. They turn up second hand once in a very great while. But if you don't want to mess up your existing rotary cutter, why not buy an inexpensive 8x10 rotary cutter, tape it up appropriately and dedicate it to cutting 4x10? It will cost less than what the Fotoman cutter will run, if you're ever able to find one. And you can have it now.

16-Sep-2014, 10:37
Search 4x10 film cutter

Daniel Stone
16-Sep-2014, 10:49
(1) roll of 1" 3M blue masking tape(ez peel-off, no residue adhesive) = ~$6-7

cost of a (decently made) rotary paper trimmer = ~$35-60, minimum

I use the 3M blue tape to mark off my rotatrim on the base. I made sharpie lines on the baseboard itself to show where to place the tape, so I don't have to measure every time I need to cut 8x10 film down to 5x7

Your decision, but the tape seems like the (logical) option to me :confused: