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Andrew O'Neill
22-Nov-2004, 14:48
Just got an email from a gentlman at Eight Elm Photo in Toronto in regards to Forte.

"Regarding future it is very diffiult to say anything concrete.

Unfortunately they have not got the banking credit. It means that they have become unable to finance the production.

In accordance with the Court they have started the liquidation of FORTE. The Court will announce somebody to arrange the procedure. During this procedure they will try to sell FORTE and its territories to somebody. First they would like to find an investor from the photo sector.

We hope that this person will agree on continuing the production of the orders that are on hand during the procedure of liquidation.

We will inform you as soon as we know this person and his ideas in this matter".

Sure hope there is a buyer out there...and if there is, that they continue production of all films and papers! Keep your developer stained, fixer smelly fingers crossed!

22-Nov-2004, 16:10
darn it.. i should sell it all and buy Forte.. i mean everybody loves the film i could sell alot in the US. :)

I'll hire you Andrew to be our film tester.. :)

N Gray
22-Nov-2004, 19:39
I wanted to experiement with Forte because I'd heard so many rave reviews. So I picked some up last time I bought film (from Eight Elm). I haven't even enlarged any of those prints yet! Now it seems that the experiementation is very likely for not.


22-Nov-2004, 19:59
Last I heard, Forte was making film and paper for Bergger. Has anyone heard something different?

Andrew O'Neill
22-Nov-2004, 22:03
You'll hire me as film tester, Deniz? Would that mean I'd have access to unlimited quantities of film AND paper? Right, I'm in!
As you know, they are looking for someone in the photo sector to buy Forte...

ronald lamarsh
22-Nov-2004, 22:48
How bout we all pool together and start a co-op to buy forte or at least shore them up?